I’ve spent a winter season pretending it was winter on an intimistic mood, so I’ve caught up with books and read few, total 10. It looked I was very hungry for some types of conversation and it has increased substance in a satisfactory way. Honestly to pick up the titles that would correspond with the subjects I was into took me a while, perhaps a pray or a priest. Read me first. No! read you first. Let’s start with the recommendations.

IGNORANCE OF ALWAYS ( Ignorância do Sempre ) by Juliano G. Pessanha is a compilation of short stories, going poems completing his 1st book KNOWLEDGE OF NEVER ( Sabedoria do Nunca ). It talks about the search of happiness in contradition with the mundane and daily episodes of life but how ignorance for me doesn’t suit carry on with that I just stopped reading the book on its middle. Still have fulfilled few questions of mine.

BLUE FLOWERS ( Flores Azuis ) by Carola Saavedra is about a story of love on a empty space, a bunch of letters by a lost woman sent for the wrong receiver who falls in love with the mystery in contraposition of his failure life, an ex wife, a present problematic girlfriend and a babe of 3 years to care about. Perhaps it was a book of the men universe, which sounds a clue.

Enjoy your reading !


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