The summertime music, lets talk about album releases. ROBERT PLANT with LULLABY AND THE CEASELESS ROAR is making folk emerge from ancestry it is like more music for a bangaloo chillin than the riffles and psychodelic set of Led Zeppelin for the ones that are used to that making you miss the band a lot, still the singer keeps his feet very closer with what he did on the past, here is just low profile b-side of it. The highlights of the record are songs like Rainbow, Turn it Up and There is Somebody There but I’m sure you will find others very inspiring.


If you are up to some rhythm and acoustic this is the right bet, it is not acoustic but it seems so and the voice looks like the remaster but it is not, it only sounds really good to be true. This is SINEAD O’CONNOR with I’M NOT BOSSY, I’M THE BOSS and if you are thinking of the 90’s ladie that stayed hide on the shadows, she might be still on the shadow but talking loud with a music to remark a time. It is on my fav records so far full album to reunite all my friends for a catch up. Enjoy !

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