GIG #1

Music is good, djs are cool but a live act is even better. I bring to you JAY JAY JOHANSON ( SWE ) last night at Sesc Pompeia, keeping a low profile without lose sight, for those Massive Attack x Mogway fans this is definitely a glass of champagne drank quietly.

Here, the dark tones peppered high endings of singer voice are hold and structured by the piano – organ and while the piano is much more clean, bright, definitive the organ brings a more dramatic tone of suspense, certainly it is ‘ Tango on Streets of Paris ‘.

Best guest : lighting has changed together with the stage set, I should say the photo frame set, photo in motion, portraits film. Music concerts come out with always a standart lighting so when happens something pretty good, it is a waw! big bang.

And they get higher when going instrumental light psych perhaps 20’s. But there is a base, This is trip hop Nico remastered. You should better check them out, extremely recommended.




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