GIG #2

On the line up JOHNNY NICHOLAS ( USA ), I was hungry for some folks as my inspirations are coming from quite interesting subjects and it did me very well on the blues set with a musician that has been on stage with people such Muddy Waters, one of my latest acquisitions.

For like 10 songs 7 were masterpieces, movies soundtracks at last for some classics I’ve got in mind and better than that is to hear that most of then are on the latest new album in which is a trick as normally the hits are the good ones, not here in which the experience might have done worlds good for the singer.

It might have some sorts of blues genders and when going to Texas starts the show, the more experimental side, playing with different sorts of noises is the high point of the concert, a less pragmatic sort of blues is the total highlight. At the end, everybody was singing a long a song, clapping hands, having an amazing tutorial of HEYs and doing foot dancing. A very good time !


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