GIG #4

Magnificent something like this, a surprise date. WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE, the special set by the electronic band opening the Danish Week hosted on CCSP last night, for some reason cultural events are quite curiously curated.

Well, I’ve been through a roll of good gigs but certainly I’m also curating my new line-up of sources inspirations and I might tell you it was really hot! It was a mixture of techno and new age with African bits, that is why the guest acoustic is the drums which played a very nice role on set breaking the ice and stuff like this but the better was to see the band itself rolling all together, it seemed to me they were on the dance floor while us were only watching on the front row. It was the most uncomfortable front row ever, left me deeply with a desire to go back on diva dance; that is only because it was presented on a sort of theatre not in a club. But the music sounds great, it was a delight.

There is still more going on till Sunday.
To info check up , visit CCSP :


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