Please don’t go on the pack packman. Fast, all the things you can do last minute. If this is a closure, hold on one sec.

Bits of anticipation to clear up the sky, let’s suppose that you have been called up to live the future 6 months earlier, would be this good enough ? A nice gift to see the future with brighter eyes but this only happens by occasion perhaps after each 12 years.

Expectations and excitement full of wishes to the stars, be proud enough to hold your body tight. People are looking for to hear from you more than you think so send them all a huge kiss full of regards. Be prepared for all the surprises that will lie ahead with chances of achievements, losses, bosses and boxes, boxing and etc.

There is still a lot to deal with, to move things time to time, springs to live for; think 10, 20 years from here stand close to your dreams and carry on. A sense of planning and purpose can make you secure on the ground, sure it will. Life is short, still young !


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