I just can’t get enough. With all the runs of last year, I’m sure you have left some beauty / health treats for this year; some people says that some beauty secrets we never tell but I will give you a tip.

A little story while when at Galeries Lafayette, PAYOT products were there on a shelve like hold as a Parisian secret and I might tell it seemed even better than other famous brands, here in Brazil we do not care much for the label either but I might tell you the foundation is one of my fav for daily purposes specially when the brand brings with it some specific products that we can not easily find around and it possibly have the same formula for very good prices.

Easing up, PAYOT now has their online store and you can check up yourself their range. Before it was kind of a production to find the products around. Here, I’m not bringing make up but what has mostly interested me the skin basic treatments to keep young and bright.


beauty_PAYOT1Some miraculously anti-oxidant / anti-age with FPS ?? Now, believe or not, it is closer to you than you think.beauty_PAYOT2Vitamin C for face skin ?? It might be all we need, my keep you rejuvenated all time. Totally desirable.

For more info, check Payot web page :

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