Business plans for this year ? I just decided go by terms, organize it all on reviews by every ½ term might be easier to see the bigger picture; it is also good have a look on the past achievements to draw a growth line table chest. Choose partners, investors, contributors are not as simple, should be affiliated.

Active on a segment a question has been on topic, interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity. The market is wave and that is how you can hold a bigger piece of the apple pie. As on corporative business, it is a tip for professionals as individuals, they are hiring.

Put a target and get involved, stands up for your beliefs challenging the situation around might make you be a great part of a team, no matter where, when, how and with who, possibly you will be connected with those that want to make difference.

As uncomfortable as it seems as it is on every beginning it is definitely worth the efforts for higher achievements. Don’t get so catch up on standards modes of working, try something new play different roles and be a master on each one.

And, good luck !


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