The little things that helps a lot. As soon as you get busy you just want be as much practical as you can with useful things to fit the whole program on time, still learn bits on the middle of agenda , enjoying the time off even adding few figures.

It is like having a PA. So here a list of the 5 best working tools mobile applicatives :


 Crazy with too many tasks at once, to sketch better a line-up the screen post-its are a helpful hand, they turn into permanent till you delete them also customizing bits as colors and fonts. Amazing, I hardly recommend.


 I’ve been getting well with my English but according with job prospects I have to learn another language and the nominee on my case is French. Using a lot of online translator , now this app is just as fab as a dictionary. Definitely on my guest list.


Who works in fashion or internationally travels abroad very often even by your fixed permanent desk, you are anywhere all the time so it is nice to have the cities around, you select the ones of your interests weather forecast to you have a look how to pack your suitcase, traffic conditions, better communication.


When I’ve learned journalism it was a very important tool. And here it is, I’m still getting used to it but it is quite nice record noises, gigs and even practice some speech. While the interviews don’t come on this gap of time …



There are a lot of important names on literature served as open source for you to have access with. You spend nothing and increase your repertory loads still you can find specific titles on the shop. Cool cool gifts, nice story teller. Great tales subjects.

( About environment, eco-system and sustainability )

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