After such a long time, the human being seems finally to be embracing all the same green flag and seriously there is no way out. It is being a notorious high speech worldwide to be on an environment friendly planet.

As everybody knows we are facing a heavy global heating and this should be changed on daily practices from house keeping to state, way of thinking, minimizing, re-using, recycling and implementing new ways to get a cooling down.

 I’m sorry to say that this is a fight to fight for as a new subject to be teach at school, educate as a subject, introduce sustainability as religion, as a law, as a rule for the equilibrium in all aspects.

I remember when I was a member myself paying a fee to keep the ball rolling. Now, getting back to my past I have got the chance to speak it on a louder voice. We all can change the world.


For more info about subjects and sustainability education, please visit GREENPEACE : 

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