I can hear your lips, eye contact. Xerox, Photocopy, X Ray read to toe. Let me introduce yourself to : Enchanté ! Speaking a quietly voice, whispers. Oh, my lips of mine, let me tell all my secrets to the ones that wants to hear me, secrets.

Baton, butterflies, bats, bats wings. Now on air ! Transparent, a wet ice verre d’eau. So sexy indeed like a sweat, teardrops, raindrops. Cannot hold anymore one minute the rush inside ? Baiser sur mon bouche, shadow hide.

Staring : Be Back On Spot. Barbie lovers. Shine shine on nu face, nuance experimenting delicacy on a simple touch, a minimize me bold great appearance, a can catch myself right here. Can you hold me ? Miroir.

The voice that doesn’t want to shut, the voice that push me forward, the voice that is taking me somewhere and is holding my hands. Like thoughts of a destiny changing with time that pass by fast …


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