On Cordon Bleu there is nothing of caviar really, there is a lot of ducks and saucisses; good that I already know a lot of taste plates. Hello Chef !

Well, anyway I think you should give it a try yourself and I’m goint to tell you now my favourite recipes right now : ‘Piperade of Pipeline’ , ‘The Dolphin of Gratin Dauphinois’ and ‘Cod Accras from Jamaica’; those are good to receive friends at yours.

You might be wondering the reasons why I’m talking about gourmet land at this point of the year and that is because as the season changes, here where I’m located kicks off a time to feel the breeze of fall and I do think it suits a change on menu. Getting thinner and thinner …

But if you are really really a surfer you can go to Hawaii and why not a Japanese food or a Mexican one. I’m going to take it easy and start with deliveries, call an app.

At least I gave you few choices even on the supermarket. I love my hot pot !


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