‘ I’ve meditated with Marina Abramovic and I’m about to repeat the session. ‘

TERRA COMUNAL by MARINA ABRAMOVIC has put you in touch with the real life of performance and what would be a dispair, I say that because I’m not good at performance, ended up indeed more like inspiration, aspiration, relexion, transpiration about subliminar aspects of existence.

When you go through Abramovic’s method it is like touching other parts of being with a sort of art that interacts with you in a deeper level. It is a connection to another world full of discoverement, excitement, pleasure. It is like finding future.

I’m glad to have had a chance to experience Marina Abramovic work as I took a little while to understand what it was about, specialy when I can make the article live. Certainly, I left the space with some other lessons to put in practice.

‘ Oh, shoes ! What doctors say is a beauty treat is called alternate medicine. ‘

marina_abramovic2 marina_abramovic3

Opening 10 March till 10 May
R. Clélia, 93

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