For those fans of MADONNA, I’m proud to present her latest album REBEL HEART. It seems that is one of the best so far proving that time is a gift to be not scared of.

Rebel Heart is a pop dark record going trip hop definitely a rip off putting Madonna herself on set as a top nominee on list always looking forward for the future. There is a great swing that can hold you on dancefloor for hours, with songs to remind a time like the great old classics. Well produced indeed. People, tell me ! From 11, 20 songs are cucko for freak clubbing fun…

Here is TWIN SHADOW growing fast and deliciously on the scene. The new album ECLIPSE is a continuation of his debut with a more like live up, vivid.

On a kind of romantic songs going crazy love, desparate declarations with strong beats like heart pulses sounds as the biggest adventure of our lives. Echoes of a far long lasting… some countdowns, it reminds a bit memories of 80’s. Intimistic stormed holding back some of those nice feelings.

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