Gifts from far away. You might be wondering why I’m writing about CANNES 68th Edition, but I think it is the perfect occasion to say to you I write movies now and also speak in Français. I’m not trying to sell those movies yet, but I will be shortly and it seems I’ll be stuck on my desk for the next couple of years.

There is few things going on the competition, but to be honest I’ll not dare to be a real critic at the moment, I would prefer the action. That I’m a big fan of guest appearance Wood Allen ( Irrational Man ) , that I’m surprised with Natalie Portman ( A Tale of Love and Darkness ) stand up for her beliefs and Gus Van Sant ( The Sea of Trees )might have got a trick on his sleeves but perhaps it would be too American for the European standards. But lets’ say Emma Stone is doing really great on her performances after all, well Birdman is a Oscar winner and she is on an amazing debut. Back to Euro again, certainly it would be cool to watch l’enfant terrible once more on screen with Amy by Asif Kapadia and see Catherine Deneuve on a working class role this time on the film Le Tête Haute by Emmanuelle Bercot. It is already quite few interesting things about the festival.





At the mean time, I would be more than happy if the rain falls along with the fresh breeze of summer over Mediterranean Sea. My Perfect Palmier, lets introduce you the umbrella.

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