Euro pop, for a long time I haven’t heard such emotional thing. SUSANNE SUNDFØR her new album release TEN LOVE SONGS is really on a selfie goth side teaming up with new romantic and an industrial closure, looking forward for a revival of 80’s set for the fans of Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins and Fletwood Mac, you might understand of what I’m talking about. A sort of soft Italo disco that made the scene at that time.

The perfect songs for winter games or rush inside intimistic times. Classic songs to remarkle a time and leave its memory beautifully regarded. The singer has an equallized voice on a vibrato timbre in which can put it on your fav list, synths are well arranged. A round record, with chilly tones.


Dizzy ? Let’s give the stage a continuation and get something harder. MARCHING CHURCH is doing pretty good on the noise garage rock with its new record THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. It is definitely a riot inside and out and it is actually cool to see people standing up to make their own music, I mean their own thing.

Screaming, it is quite orgasmic not cosmic. Perhaps singer is trying something like a guttural on slow motion and when you think like this is like more dramatic hard. The balad is nocturn, the perfect garage to drive you in seeking for assistance.



Not enough ? Thinking this all are lulabbies, you got me wrong. This is industrial and if you though it was a heavy to listen here it goes for a treasure found, THE SOFT MOON with album release DEEPER brings another classic looking back to 80’s goth but well it is a welcome remaster. A good material for disturbance.

It is about not loose the fate on its rhythm, a sort of thing that can swing on the kitchen sink or in a warm up. For the urban lovers and marks, a delicious taste of underground scene.

It is being a very heat low profile period on the music scene full of new good bands and highlights. I’m full of new gadgets and here I’m using SPOTIFY to listen the records, it is pretty much smooth and live acts. I guess downloading is bits demodé and I totally recommend.

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