Famous because of its remarkable bob cut, VIDAL SASSOON brings the best new hair trends you don’t know. When things start to get boring, adding little trimmings that will certainly pin point a new look.

The bob is a fav for several stylish personalities and Vidal Sassoon technic is a marvelous one, that have introduced me on hair fields, left me intrigued on diy and I might tell you I’m getting better and better on this sector, specially for the hair hard to control.

Occasionaly, we simple forget to take care of this section little while when very busy on the desk but I’m also in a time of becoming very aware of hair styling, trends and cuts. It is something like a constant as anything else.

It is everything, from shampoo & conditioning as well as all daily pratices which includes heating and nourishing, trying to re-estabilish the health on this department, to shine and look natural.

I’ve put myself on a new face frame in which I’m happy with but still I see there is ways to improve prospects and hold it tight as the years goes on.

Some choices you might like for next season…





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