I have decided to give a special attention to my hair and to be really honest there might be a lot of personalities that hold some secrets of it to keep or maintain a nice appearance. When I say that, it would go for all those ‘ fake hair ’ if you know what I mean, from colour, to cuts, continuos blow-dry, straighteners, wigs, extensions and elses.

But let’s say that nobody says what is going on, on their mind… I will give you a tip. I’m on a time of changing everything around, and introducing a real treat on top of the daily basics and it is making the difference.

And here are my choices of cannot live without : a primer to hold the hair style for longer, a nice found cool wet gel, a heating protector, a beach waves turn on, a dry shampoo for busy days, a intensive hydrating maskara and if you can a anti-ageing would be good as well. Perhaps you have a different type of hair, but it is beyond that. All at Sephora.




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