We have talked several times about parfum, with friends on a chat or about new discoveries; now it is about a real change because I haven’t done it yet as my bottles are still on going… What is happening is, I wanna make my smell bold and remarkable for daily practices which means not too strong not too fine, workable I would say, also open up a bit tones for the fresh and neutral. I believe that there is parfums for the day and parfums for the night, two total different kind of things, here I’m perhaps going casual not really for a night on a ballroom or to impress your dear one. Actually it is about a whole new set, normally we prefer to stick to one or two fragances and keep it a while repeating on the beat but we also grow and change our mind from time to time and that is the case right now.

I’m still searching to pick up the right ones for the very soon time and I promiss I’m putting the effort to make use of my lovely old ones but I think those I’ve selected would make a nice impression. All at SEPHORA.


parfum2_SEPHORA_BENETON_STAYPOSITIVE_R$79United Colors of Benetton – Stay Positive R$ 79

 parfum3_SEPHORA_LANCOME_ODELORANGERIE_R$199Lancôme – Ô de Lorangerie R$ 199

parfum4_SEPHORA_JIMMYCHOO_R$212Jimmy Choo – Flash R$ 212

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