Another thing that should be remastered sometimes. Really, tattoos gets old with your skin and the trends changes as well so a coverage can works or either an upgrade. Definitely it is collectable art pieces or bits of jewelry but it is also about impression or self expression. I, myself have got I don’t know how many tattoos with quite a few coverages and perhaps I’m going scratch because it looses its meaning or closes a circle after all. Tattoos are a very complex subject, because it also depends of what you do and who you are but even started at age of 13 I always have been aware of age itself and I always have planned to go 60 / 70 and till there I still want to look great. True that I like the old school so I do believe that bits of offo can make it nice and to be an unique look, old school made by time. And the subjects, the meanings behind it; they really bring to you what you have wished for. Have you realized it ?

So, yes. I just covered ones and I want to get few others. And here I brought to you some ideas that I swish you enjoy.

tattoo_a tattoo_b tattoo_c tattoo_d tattoo_e tattoo_f tattoo_g tattoo_h tattoo_i

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