Let’s be back on classics, I mean the casual kind. We have seen it a while and for sure everybody is tuned with denim being back as a high on wardrobe. But we can still talk about the washes and variances.

As I try to be always settle for a work out, I still like the more traditional pieces and who have not dreamed lately with the IT jacket also I do believe the very light wash is a soft executive side together with the very dark tone brings something sophisticated to the look.

It is a kind of uniform that goes well for days in the park as well. If styled accordanly you can build a high-low image without look too western. From the fit to boyfriend, welcome back to the baggy shape; everything is allowed and you can play around with several pieces on your archive.


denim_levis_1 denim_levis_2 denim_levis_3 denim_levis_4

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