Generally we think about extravangant pieces, for an special occasion but I do believe that them are simply part of daily life. For my dear friend females, the gold certainly is a nice investment as business woman be prepared with some savings but silver is quite a substitute for working days making an impression.

I’m going to be sincere on this post, I’m saying that because I had my little box of treasure and including I’ve moved around from time to time and I used to donate my archive to be lighter with stuff , suddenly I’ve realized that it seemed I was stucked on time looking like on old lady or should I say too teen.

It was everything from equipment to clothes archive including accessories and jewelry pieces to beauty products and treats. When you decide to have a boost on yourself and start a new life, I think it is about everything and yes, it takes a bit of time and effort of your part to turn into a new me and rebuild a new structure. Perhaps it is age calling itself, the self keeps the same but life is totally different.

Everything is collectable, even experience. Just try to remain with good stuff.
I’ve selected some new silver accessories. I wish you like. All at PRATA FINA.

pratafina1_R$95R$ 95

pratafina2_R$35R$ 35

pratafina3_R$95R$ 95

pratafina4_R$65R$ 65

pratafina5_R$235R$ 235

pratafina6_R$40R$ 40



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