I was introduced to Susan Miller few years ago and ever since she has turned on my biggest guru ever as she bets it definitely right. Every month, wathever sign it makes, I be very excited to get Susan predictions to have a clue of how my life is going to unfold as she deliveries us some anwers, advices. I might be honest as I’m very unsure of my position right now but I have been developing with her help of course and taking place on a bigger picture.

The thing is pretty crazy, sometimes Susan says somethings and I try to go against the grain suddenly things pop up turning against me or on my favour; it is like I’m being pushed, pulled or forced to go on her direction. Things out of the blue, for the good and for the bad, they really happens as she says.

Hopefully, I would have on my chart the plans I have now on my personal path. At last, I’m on my way. I thought of order my personal astral map but she is not making it anymore instead now we are having the astral calendar which would be a great gift if not, the favorite.

susanmiller_1 susanmiller_2 susanmiller_3 susanmiller_4 susanmiller_5 susanmiller_6 susanmiller_7 susanmiller_8 susanmiller_9 susanmiller_10 susanmiller_11 susanmiller_12

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