From swimming pool to sea waves, spa or either a ship cruise possibly once and a while you will need to have a spare side of beachwear on your wardrobe. It is crazy as it might work as a stimulation to you get new trips, find new roads and routes to see the sun shine.

You might cause an impression, it is pretty much like underwear despite all that sweat and hot stuff, there is no doubt that being fresh is the perfect match. I would say the classic ones are long lasting.

Here I’m listing you some options.

bikini1_farfetch_amirslama_R$374AMIR SLAMA R$ 374

bikini2_farfetch_salinas_R$129SALINAS R$ 124

bikini3_farfetch_toryburchTORY BURCH

bikini3_farfetch_toryburchR$518TORY BURCH R$ 518

bikini4_farfetch_ceciliapradoR$298CECILIA PRADO R$ 298

bikini5_farfetch_ceciliapradoR$199CECILIA PRADO R$ 199

bikini6_farfetch_ceciliapradoR$169CECILIA PRADO R$ 169

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