Improving the repertory is not always easy as it seems, despite would look like making a fool of you, there is some readings that are quite as essential guide of living, knowledge, understanding and also despair or a chance to set you free, find some inspiration, search for other parameters, paradigms and perspectives. The words means more than they look, part of hidden secrets that only you can go for it, or create that story as you can’t live without.

Here is what is now on my wish list and I’m sharing with you, something that would be interesting to get known of, literature classics.


book_review1_ernest_hemingwayERNEST HEMINGWAY


book_review2_walt_whitmanWALT WHITMAN


book_review3_emily_dickinsonEMILY DICKINSON


book_review4_truman_capote TRUMAN CAPOTE

book_review5_charles_bukowski CHARLES BUKOWSKI

book_review6_charles_bukowskiCHARLES BUKOWSKI

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