Plan A,B,C,D,E – a full hand on it. No matter of what it is, there is always an excuse to make the best of it. What else ? Tools, pick up yours in advance, it is always a work in progress. You get what you give and give what you take, sure it is mostly like this formula. Yes, I write and I hope you read my words that is why I’ve been doing this for years, for my readers and I’m trying to improve and it seems I never reach my limit, there is always another project, another idea, another task at hand and I’m trying to help you with yours. It is a moment of fun, it is a moment of serious talk, it is a moment of share but I’m still here, listening and seeing what you are expecting from me. And why not ? Life is to be lived, knowledge is to be achieved, favours to be given, a smile that would last and a pleasant time to be felt.


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