After all, we keep finding people on the right pitch to still inspire us and that is the case of GERTRUDE ABERCROMBIE with her bold nonetheless minimalist approach of art. Working by occasion of emptiness, Gertrude was finding the measure of small parts and details reaching some limites of a closer landscape. Sounds as an anonimous art painter that plays a big role on the broaden picture and that is notorious for the simple sets, from furniture to still lifes or what Abercrombie said, all self-portraits. Her works are placid. I adored to see the kindness, the sweetness and the beautiful feminility with its touch of fragility and full of personality all over it.

By one snap of time, I felt like she being my twin-sister bringing up front to my eyes exactly the sort of thing I have been searching through the years. Specially now, where when I have painted my walls white and I fell distant somehow of my future that possibly might be not here. Nothing left to be said. I will feel enormous regard of this period of my life that was very rich in experiences.

I will miss you, Blue House !

gertrude_abercrombie_A gertrude_abercrombie_C gertrude_abercrombie_Dgertrude_abercrombie_B gertrude_abercrombie_Fgertrude_abercrombie_E

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