For a long time, it was on my reading list and surprisily had something inside was exactly things I had to get known. A SCRIBLE OF EMOTIONS THEORY might be only an introduction to JEAN-PAUL SARTRE works but to you have a clue of what is inside, I will mention some parts that has catch up my attention, not that I want to be those sort of pricks telling you the end of a film before its starts, it is just only that I think you should really know this and I’m unsure you are going to find the book very easily as I have been searching myself for a while till I be able to pick it up for my archive. A sort of ‘ I own myself ‘ or either ‘ writing is an exercise, wich my hands writes and keeps writing through my head and can’t stop, the way you place words is how you create that or other stories ‘ is definitely a principle of well-being between other analysis.


I just realized that I’m into short stories, or even pocket books that gives you the idea in a snap. I was inside the bookstore and I was looking for something quite special like a jewel in the crown and I guess that for people that are very into stars, horoscopes, astrology and astronomy it is a delight of reading. THE LITTLE PRINCE by ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY is a beautiful illustrated small book that would perfectly go for the kid inside you of anybody’s mind also teaching bits of uniqueness and delicacy, work progress, emptiness, solitude, multitude and the best match. Idea in a snap ? What about a tattoo of those little drawings inside.

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