That delicious soft rock that nowadays are for few, here is brought again by IGGY POP on the new album just released POST-POP DEPRESSION. I’m questioning, really where rock scene has gone by now with singers and musicians having bits of trouble for making good music, lets go for the olders then. Here Iggy Pop is partned with Josh Homme, someone quite shadowed but that really gave a hand for to the songs come quite more round, reaching a sort interesting measure. Post-Punk, Post-Pop, Post-Modern, Post-Morten all those sort of stuff. If you notice, this is not really pop as is told by the name of the record, we are all good with pop, it is more like a trick of if you don’t really know where to go you might find what you are expecting here. The rhythm sometimes psychodelic sometimes shoegaze mostly acid blues going on backstage teaming up with dramatic voice of the singer sometimes highlighted by a guest second voice and the lyrics are also very good, leaving its message. I totally recommend, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

IGGY POP is now on the 69th Cannes Film Festival, with a documentary directed by favorite director JIM JARMUSCH – GIMME DANGER.


CYNDI LAUPER is going blue balad folks on this DETOUR album and she is betting totally right with a record very cool for a listening. Remenber that crazy songs of Cyndi on 80’s, remember that it has left a memory, so it is it music to play all over again, perhaps it is a new formula that is working really well. If you look on Cyndi Lauper’s previous works there is always a change in paradigma, another direction taken, a surprise in store. Is it a new trend of musicians going down, low and performing back on their roots ? I tell you, it is definitely working marking a good time back.


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