What time is it ? OI! Oi! oi! Oops. I love talk about arts specially when it seems to be on the very much same page. I’ve choosen PIVO Gallery now and again which I might say it is a very interesting space for a visit.

With its 3 floors, lets start from its door hosted by or hosting the view HELLO, AGAIN of artist FRANCESCO JOAO SCAVARDA. Here we had a minimalist set of paintings brought on a quick check of talks of the entire exhibition but you could sense exactly what was to come and surroundings, wondering about more substancial meanings. From night & day, sundowns and other days after tomorrow.

pivo_exhibit1Francesco Joao Scavarda

Stepping upstairs, here we had the maximalism apart. ERIKA VERSUTTI with her enormous work SWAN, CUCUMBER, DINOSAUR is making a dense paralel on arts field. From the constructivism to the private and personal, sketching a fine line between past and future, translating the information revolution reaching very close to new technologies of 3D printing. Out of all those techinics, I do believe the artist could make the sort of interactive proposal works as we have tried to reach bigger landscapes.

pivo_exhibit2pivo_exhibit3Erika Versutti

Finally, another clever subject. Now, set by PIAUI PROJECT formed by artists collective taking the road to picture the Mountains of Capivara and Confusoes, which holds the greatest number of rock paintings in the world, classified by Unesco as World Heritage. The point is, as anothers subjects, this case have been of my own interests last year while visiting Amazon myself, discovering that Brazil is part of an Ancient culture years A.C. by the Fenicios wich were the civilization that 1st placed language and commercial routes around the globe. And that is a past of Brazilian culture being opened up by now with ongoing studies, specially what concerns to indians as its language has some reminiscents of the Fenicios language itself. Unfortunately I couldn’t talk myself to the artists collective of Piaui Project but I do suspect they all were after the same kind of understanding. D’accord ! With a touch, of course, of global heating talks.

pivo_exhibit4Projeto Piaui

pivo_exhibit5Paloma Bosquê

pivo_exhibit6Marina Rheingantz

I’m crazy with you guys.


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