Sport, resort, sweat, experiences, senses. Popularizing the comfort in movement on early 20’s, here is JEAN PATOU on spot for further recognition and understanding of sportswear, traditional lines, 80’s and the reasons for Joy be such a fragance. Influencing American dressing, I would bet it could do an pleasant welcome back. I’m a big fan myself, of the fresh look, the well being spirit, the trend spa nowadays. Making the office set a game, were obviously I want to be a winner. I didn’t know that I was having it along my works, it is little references you carry, possibly because I was born on 80’s with all those baggy clothes or because I was at gym doing ballet classes at that time, we keep studing and finding new things as my total love for the 20’s period by now which suits perfectly but possibly not everybody that gets it. And then, you have only a choice keeps up with the classics and certainly you are making a mature choice. I didn’t know that I was good on beach squash, because I didn’t remembered much of my surfer days, because I keep forgetting files as I didn’t know that I would play tennis someday as I do on very very off days of my desk that mostly are pilled with new files, as I didn’t know that I was turning a big big fan of Blow-Up movie that is one of my lifetime movies with its scenes turning into real life stories. And here it is, Jean Patou, Joy, history, fashion all over again telling me to take breath and try to make this a long lasting thing.











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