I wish I had a voice, so I keep wondering and practicing and trying. But I keep questioning and if I ain’t good enough, because I will have to sing along if I want to close my songs and write lyrics that is specially harder. It keeps beating, you must improve here and there. But hey, listen it is only a debut album right ? Sometimes it is on the debut that everything happens kid.

I have decided to come with it by singles but it is definitely a 20’s track album on the go. It is not finished yet and I really do not know when it is going to be but it is coming soon. Will see, I don’t have much experience with all that stuff I might need few cables and some surprises in store to at last be able to say it is proper music, join some sound plataforms to put the record on also I’m seriously thinking how to make my live act works. Still might take up some time, but it is on the oven.

I’m curious to see the end result of it all.
I wish you too.


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