And if I tell you I don’t want to book a visit to my dentist and still need to keep my dents sparkling white .. I think of telling you a story of while eating an apple and having a snack bit of my teeth broke apart .. I was using a special product of whitening and it has made the repair I had go melted, it was working for the whitening case but was strong for my own story of repair. Bad news, great at the time I placed it back and so changed again the product.


The another product was working wonders and really was a little weaker than the first but suddenly it has been stopped the sale here, where I find myself living.


Well, and so I watch myself stopping by the shelves of the market wondering what sort of help I would pick, and to be really honest I don’t think of any teeth pastes make the teeths white as those special products mentioned. They help little, together with the listerine sort but it is not the same thing.

Worst, the dentists themselves, you book a visit and do some fluor thing only but the whitening stuff really doesn’t happen very often, even if you ask.

It is been a very strange story.
Hope my teeths do not be such a bad thing. Smiley !

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