The ‘Sunlight’ is definitely coming. Out of the discussions taking place, it is just as much as another turning point, as the mobile phones and internet years before looking back till now, it has changed completely on fast speed. No matter of how long it will take to all be transformed, it will soon arrive. And here, fast we all would say great.

I make part of a generation that started to see slowly changes of formats and now I see myself licking my touch screen. I went to conclude my studies in journalism because I still wanted to be the first one to mention things, for a while I’m still dreaming of my sun boards but I have already started making plans years ago when I was already used to talk about sustainability when in college getting graduated on my product design degree back in 2002, to be really honest that was all my works were about I was a master and I didn’t know, I was that enfant terrible that took a long lone way to build up a career and still I have lost my memory on the middle of its road to it be placed all back took me long last 4 years. Perhaps because I wasn’t really acting on my professional fields.

I don’t know how is it in your town, but on mine I already see it on several places of the streets, quite the spots ones like on an educational level but people understood and everybody already feels deeply the desire for it. I also have heard that the Chinese are coming with a company around which my make things faster.

No matter where I will find myself in, no matter the landscape, landmarks or manufactures, I’m counting numbers to see it replaced asap, hopefully soon at mines. But still, I think there is elses to be made.

All solar boards at SOLAR KW.



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