Let’s talk about product design then, to be more specific furniture. I’m proud to present one of the top 5 agencies in Brazil, the new born PROTOTYP& with only 2 years of life shows up super cool line of products, full of concept and the eye of an edge. Mixing materials bringing along the comfort also texting variations for it’s functions, the company team definitely are aware of what they are doing and the proposals they are betting.

Best of it, beauty is included on the pack and everything falls on the right measure of the furnishings. It is well thought, well constructed, well made. Avant-garde, chic, cool & youth. It all altogether. Also, pieces of antiques, bohemian for those collections lovers.

Swapping my desk, back to the start, picked by finger, I would be more than happy for making part of this dream team, or one of my top clients. I don’t know, who knows. As a technician I’m still on the reservation sit. Not for the years coming, tho.

I’m on eye on you guys.


prototyp_1 prototyp_2 prototyp_3 prototyp_4 prototyp_5 prototyp_6 prototyp_7

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