New bands new music new decade, it all has been rolling for a while but is still taking shape for what is to come next. Psycho goes low, goes surf, goes shoegaze, goes folk. The perfect formula for rock meditation, relaxation and chills.

Those grungelicious , post punk parties from the past packed with heroin addicts and must kill yourself in a shot are over, it is most like lets bring it more harmony and balance, a sort of introspection that can be shared, can be heavy, can be deep or even quite an intense dark trip to face your own demons.

I’ve been searching to up-date my music repertory and find out what good stuff is anew and I might tell you I’m more than interested for jumping along in the wagon because there is a lot of going on behind scene.



Here, there is PSYCHIC ILLS – INNER JOURNEY OUT versus COKE WEED – MARY WAVER fresh new album releases round and round, both US bands of neighborhood around NY – Maine that could suit perfectly a line up of a big music festival. Well, bands with years of existence and if you haven’t heard about them it is because you are there tied up to the very only vintage. I’m here to do the job of come up with what is on, you must only be tuned.

Oops sorry, I was late but I already have listened it several times. After Myspace, LastFm thanks now we have got Spotfi with new solutions. Great !

Electronics goes acoustic and that is how it looks, new youth.

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