Classics. I’m betting on the classics. It is more like those permanent collections and this is the fine French supposed to be fast fashion A.P.C. No more, no less, only chic. It is those fab combinations to create a look and able still to accessorize it with big label names.

I, myself I’m a big fan of fast fashion because I go for the basics. Trends are cool but that is how you avoid commit mistakes. Specially on the daily wear which means work and ready to wear, all of that is because I still see some couture spots on the ready to wear shows and when I’m editing I go for the readies also presentable for my boss or clients as you know I’m on my mid’s.

Thinking of uniform, A.P.C. is a highly desirable label to place on the wardrobe, still I don’t have a single garment but it is on my wishlist as I have remastered it all, together with others fav brands of course. I’m unsure of how and when, as it is not sold in my country, but it might come some day.



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