There is a lot going on, really and when I say lots means line-ups of 30/40 new bands. Crazy ?! Sounds amazing, full of good founds because yes, people are doing good music. JACUZZI BOYS is familiar to me from long ago but here is the time to go for the new album release HAPPY DAMAGE and again joining up all that surf psycho list, I would say freestyle and bands would say good lyrics, I would say cool ballads and they would say trying to going green and that would mean environmental sort of thing. Still trying to make that change ? Shoegaze, acid, grunge all in the pack and let it go with the flow. Well, yes indeed what about a jacuzzi party I think I’ve mentioned that before somewhere around. Let’s turn to some other genre that might suits your interests also, as garage punk / electro clash. Thanks because it is the perfect match otherwise it would be too wavy, anyway you might be keen of bands as Bikini Kill and Le Tigre but what about go for in between with JULIE RUIN album release HIT RESET, and that is because singer Kathleen Hanna of former bands is on stage singing it all along a song very lollipoppish, very cherry drops also 50’s totally revamped, bits of rockabilly then ? What is interesting is that people are just saying, ok let’s make music no matter of it, which is a kinda great purpose to keep the ball rolling. Nice stuff to put on your playlist, fresh new songs made certainly for you all, do not be scared or afraid just play it.

You find Jacuzzi Boys / Julie Ruin at APPLE STORE / SPOTFI.

music1_jacuzziboys_happydamage music2_thejulieruin_hitreset

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