I have been dreaming, thinking and thinking all over again, but still have not make up my mind about pets and stuff, as you know they are quite like kids to carry along with you for a long way down the road and as I’m not sure what is unfolding next I’m still on hold for a while, but it might finally happen sometime. I know the pets I want but I’m making a list of all the needs they might have to be my cute little friends. Do you know what I really think about pets, I think they work well as a therapy. It all is so hard, heavy, difficult, relationship wise, work wise, money wise that they come in as a delight for it all. Change the focus, get inward, have fun.

Here, some of the items I might need soon.


pet_b_petlove_48R$48pet_c_petlove_80R$80pet_d_petlove_30R$ 30pet_e_petlove_r70R$70pet_f_petlove_30R$30pet_g_petlove_30R$30pet_h_petlove_16R$16pet_i_petlove_20R$12pet_j_petlove_18R$18pet_l_petlove_5R$5pet_m_petlove_13R$13


R$5pet_o_petlove_5 R$5pet_p_petlove_3R$3

pet_q_petlove_8R$8pet_r_petlove_5R$5pet_s_petlove_5 R$5pet_t_petlove_14



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