All of sudden, I got the idea chatting bits of birds food while looking after some seeds. Just thought, how I have not thought about this before and then did a little marathon to pass by on the aquarium next door. I had a small fish a long ago and how I was dreaming of pets I said why not a fish then, it was like an amazing discovery to find a loone like me. I went for the exotic specific shop SEA LIFE, with an amazing of living plants and corals, also darling fishes on my mom’s street and got amused for the sort of entertainment they were offering me. It was such a lovely day that I couldn’t believe. I might tell you, that I’m totally absorbed into the ocean thing, water, fishes, reefs and life it is definitely very appealing right now to me as a sort of inspiration.






Unfortunately, the next days wasn’t really cool as I was expecting for. I had a small trouble with the aquarium at first and then I have replaced it with another from another pet shop but got back on the first to do an exchange. My fish at this point got sick with nothing I could do, got some babe shrimps to snack and nothing of eating, the water might have caused the injury. The fish died after 7 days. I was so fearful of loosing him, that I already have got another fish to make the other alive expecting that I was able to still recover the first. I was like not that bad at last I have another but this one for instance again was gloomy, they are quite hard to adapt and the water was now threated with conditioning that I was putting effort to work out this time around. Note: The fish now was taken from another pet shop, not from the exotic aquarium one, but a cleaner and bigger one to see if changing places would make a change on the scene. I wanted the fish to swim and they are not like babies or pets, we can’t really hold on them, carry them, embrace them, feed them it was a big exercise because this one also wasn’t eating. This species are from tropical weather and is quite chilli where I’m now despite spring but it seems to be because the El Nino ending, so they are not very into cold water. I’ve placed the fish on the sun, to make the water warmer and he did well. But I didn’t know that I couldn’t really make that, so after a couple of days my second fish died as well.

I went for a little school of B-Splender and got some classes. I got so sad that I left it for a while, perhaps try it again in 2017 who knows but honestly every once and a while I get myself thinking lets go and get another one.



But what if, my 3rd little fish die again.
Because really, they are friendly.

( About environment, eco-system and sustainability )


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