A welcome heritage gift for SP from Japan. And here, I’m saying about the just launched JAPAN HOUSE it is definitely amazing with some exhibitions, workshops, events, talks to certainly visit. On the favorite spot in town, Paulista Avenue I do believe it is the perfect time to receive this actually as Brazil being the biggest Japanese colony in the world I would say it is honor specially when we just lost our most known Japanese artist Tomie Ohtake ( 1913 -2015 ) and have picked her son Ruy Ohtake to restore some area around the block I will talk about on the coming months.

And yes, we do have the Japanese culture you know, the tiny wood made houses, snakes, ninjas, sumô, plenty of Japanese restaurants but the ikebana is yet my secret. It is on my plans to visit the Japanese museum in LA and it is on my plans to cover the 3rd and final round Olympics 2020, somewhere exotic with beautiful landscapes.

The borough of Liberdade was already asking for more. I promise I will give a passage very soon because all this idea is definitely on my mind, as this time I could not cover the reportage me, personally but it is still in time.

Av. Paulista,52
Bela Vista, SP/SP

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