Little crazy things from the Earth, the land we are in and so the rocks. They are quite interesting tho, I used to be around with it on my young ages a lot but I never minded much about the rocks I don’t know the huge rocks which means not landscapes I don’t know I had my stones but they are much more than they seems. I thought they were dead pieces of nothing but it is more like bubbling underneath and despite I go against the flow on the industrial subject even being a product designer maybe that is why quite low I do really believe we cannot live without them. You know, I didn’t know the material comes from that rocks, some of them most of them. Yeah, the mother nature is wonderful full of surprises with a lot to offer is just the best, Earth by the end of the day is very nice place to live. That is why the equilibrium. We can try it in Mars, but while that lets keep fascinated with what we have. Intriguing, a lot of species and that also means rocks.

I have decided to place a big stone on my living room to decorate the environment to feel and thank the universe I’m in. Surprisingly I’ve found out a new store close to my place that has got those, the stone might be coming soon and I might even bring to you an article of the store because as I mentioned before on the past I used to play with it but nowadays those places have been quite extinguished, hard to find ones.

Here, some of the most loved pieces.


WAVELITE found in Arkansas


KARPATITE found Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia, USA


CLINOCLASE found in Australia, USA, France, Germany, Austria, Romania, Russia


BAYLDONITE found in Arizona, Tsuneb, Namíbia


CROCOITE found in Tasmania, Philippines, Brazil, Germany, South Africa

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