Received as a gift going really well with this futuristic health mood I’m into, this sort of bracelet watch produced by AKMOS can improve energy levels due the infrared long and capsules of neodimeo that are small metals that combined with your own energy can give a boost on performance. It has not proved effective result in which has generated already some controversy but the fact is that not all the physics formulas are exact and some of them are beyond and not very clear of understanding. The infrared gives a result, the neodimeo gives a result so I guess might work but not on the visible level only by the feeling itself. Anyway, everything that can help we grown as better humans for future generations might be worth a try, expansion of self. It is like those sort of alternative medicines that nobody knows exactly how they work but they do work in somehow. Ok, we already have biometric identity, soon we might end up having our documents on a chip plugged by a needle with no pain. People definitely are in a hurry for a change.

I’m using mine, the mandala is very appealing I few cool specially on my sleep time just in case I’m on a very busy weirdo time of my life in which I have been not permitted to get on my spiritual retirement of the end of the year to start this year with a kick and not being able to practice my meditation lessons so out of orbit I have found myself, thrown out of course. Well, at least I’m concentrated on deeper meanings of existence and finding some clues. It is definitely assisting me.



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