I’m talking about a different sort of massage, with more stretch more intrinsic points more push and pull. The Japanese kind would be welcome, I have not tried it yet but I’m on eye on it, there is some spread around and about and I will place it on my wish list.


I’m so interested and I will tell you why, I have been having quite serious orthopedic problems, some of them have improved substantially but I still have to take care of it and take it easy. But my left shoulder is causing me some concern, I have been to the doctor and it is a tendinitis that wake me up every morning hard to sleep all day long like yes I’m here, bothering me. I’ve heard that acupuncture can help smooth it in somehow but I have been gotten by surprise and my agenda is pretty messy at the moment so I’m arresting it for a while.


On the long way, I do believe that I have to be more aware of the bones and joints if I do want to have a cool lifestyle and a long lasting quality of life. And so, starting from now it is wise I look for those sort of things that can help kill the pain and give support to my happiness.


It might work wonders.

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