I have been presented to CY TWOMBLY and once again as few American artists he got me making part of a roll of my interests, that I started even some studies on their anthropologic native culture possibly is the wild side possibly by the nothing really sense of kind but those artists are also distant, perhaps are the ones that attracts my point of view appealing quite, it is like those selected group in/out of society people yet telling you stories, modern as teeth brushes and might be the reason I have turned so fond of it.

There is something going on on their art, not minimalistic placid and stormy I would say. I think it is the best of America, fragile in a sense. I have got maybe a fiver of favorites. Here, there are the sculptures and sculptures are a hard to find, people has gone installations nowadays trendsetting and I do think it is also amazing but small pieces of sculptures are more like objects, rare – antiques are welcome but the sculptures itself make a guest appearance anywhere.

Enjoy the visit.


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