I’ve started give some walk around, slowly returning to the scene. This time I’ve found myself somewhere that had something to tell me and I got the clue. You know those days that you have so many things going on, a lot on your plate already and you open up your agenda to a little scape and face exactly the answer for what is on your mind. Could be the sense of collective but I do believe that is more something as having a lot in common, or plasma, or energy. Possibly Neuro-linguistic.


Broadening horizons and really I was quite hungry for art. Tato from TATO GALLERY sent me an invitation and I went for a check out on the space, now with its just opened exhibition CANNIBAL VEGETAL of artist Washington Silvera (Curitiba). Washington has the background into cooking itself more of a chef and brought it to art which sounds very contemporary way of talking the gourmet thing, I’ve seen the other way around, artists talking about food and chefs miming arts but never a chef inside an art gallery, it is a sort of let’s bring the cuisine into it and curiosities apart it is a clever point of expressing himself. Point for you Washington and point to Tato Gallery with it’s art curator nominee.

And yes, the exhibition has a sense, a touch. When I first stepped into it, I said wow! Sustainability perfect ! We are on the same page, organics, herbs, spices and a laboratory. Metaphoric and quite gangsta as I loved the diamond on your teeth.

Now ! I’m into a very bones only period of my life.
But might not last forever.

R. Fradique Coutinho, 1399
Pinheiros – SP / SP

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