A very charming place around Distrito Mooca streets. A jazz venue jamming along with art, small pieces of props and furniture should I say drum sticks as bands are on the line-up every weekend of course along with a very mixed crew from different states of country united. It is more like a bar and stickers and labels are really getting out there, just received an invitation to get signed ? Yet with my packed agenda my songs are on delay but pretty soon. The stage is great. My fav is the corner of tabac with rolling papers only, a beautiful reminder. One of my favorite addresses in town, once my neighbor.

There is a situation of renewing the borough specially because quite historic as it has been left behind between the old industrial warehouses and other abandoned sights but it is still a beautiful place of antiques, now with new buildings becoming more attractive, there are also some local business revamping the area actually a lot of interesting hidden places. There are 2 big problems, the streets are very cranky also the public transport doesn’t reach anywhere, goes to the middle of destiny, takes too long to pass by, do not go till the closest metro station. It is a very loone story, that is why I might go along down the street once and a while, it is like country side of town with the luxury of 20 minutes by car from fever city center around the corner, yet calm.

Down Down Down, Down Downtown.

11 2291 – 2120
R. da Mooca, 1747
Distrito Mooca – SP/SP

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