I must say, for me the award of best tattoo shop in terms of set decoration dark-noir bricks, gold with glasses walls and that beautiful second light I adore, vintage going 20’s it is the perfect classic mafia. And I might give it a go as I have been thinking in get another tattoo perhaps 2 and so I’ve picked up, I mean already have chosen the one I will give to this guy called BOX to sketch on me and give a check out on the lines for an approval and recommendation. Promote some conquest between my friends for the ink work itself.

I might tell you, I felt pretty comfortable received by great music, the atmosphere, the post-mafia itself putting an effort for progress and developments. I felt very good on my skin specially because I have been able to give a pimp on the spread around.
Place a visit in some places and set in motion.

11 2528 – 8120
R. da Mooca, 1775
Distrito Mooca – SP/SP

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