I’ve tried to re(high)ject as much as I could but it seemed to be an earthworm apple. Theories after theories, it is always interesting fill up with new files to reach a better perspective of things and I have been trying to mix & match paths beyond to get a clear point of view.

What I’m bringing up to you today is something related with psychology, cult literature and self healing, which sounds updated with subjects of nowadays and yes, it all made real sense.

Let’s start with ‘ THE MARSHMALLOW TEST ‘ by Walter Mischel. It is about a deep introspection backyards on childhood forward which tests the power of patience to achieve better rewards and here we talk about business wise. It is like the option to choose between 2 choices, the immediate satisfaction or a bigger and best on a later date stimulating reflection also traps for harsh decision along with problems of delays and too much slow downs, insecurity versus stress would say create balance.


Short stories is the case of ‘ THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN TOWN ‘ by Bukowski. And what begins with a beauty mirror & affairs scenery goes skipping story after story in a dread full killing shot between demands of work, flesh, prison, education to end up gambling on a horses race. So industrial sort of jazz scene, possibly going 50’s, dirty stories looking for other meanings.


Finally, we get into the spiritual side with ‘ THE MEDITATION ESSENCE ‘ by Osho which explains bit step by step of the meditation process to achieve a sort of nirvana, connection with the real self and soul thing and what that can produce on the outside world. It is an exercise for a liberation kind, untie ties grown inward approach with the universe and get some insight.

I recommend !

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