Once is going to take a while to we habit Mars, I’m still thinking about it. Something but not all garments and I would prefer the fluo thing by now. The sporty look keeps attracting me and I wonder that there is a lot yet to happen beyond there. Despite the night is always the night and I would pick up the blacks, it always looks the best bet. Black could be the next season and the season coming and the other to come with no much changes in this subject. Ok, cool well just in case that cool, awesome, hipster are all just so passé we can now say ‘ Totally Rad ’ you know what I mean Rad from radical sure. Bits of dust, sparkle, dirty, fresh air are the key elements for finishing that perfect look. Volume is always welcome but I would prefer the slow fashion and keep it fit, straight forward. Elses ? Denim is forever ! I would go for it on the entire next decade so in love I’m still with it for me all the washes are in. I think it sexy !

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